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    Tasmanians are being ripped off
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Latest News

'We are still being ripped off'

Tasmania is still being ripped off for many things, including petrol prices, claimed Labor leader Bryan Green on Tasmania Talks with Brian Carlton yesterday. “Right at the moment we are paying...

75 million dollars out of pockets into petrol stations

Millions of dollars have been directed to petrol station profitability due to the influx in fuel prices in Launceston. "In economic terms, when we ran the mass...we came to the conclusion...


There is no escaping the sharp sting to the hip pocket Tasmanians are currently experiencing each time they pull up at the petrol station to invest more into the precious commodity that is fuel.

It is a pain that is unfairly dealt, as Tasmania as a state, leads the nation in unexplained fuel price hikes resulting in confounding disparities.

We pay more at the pump than any other state – and we want to know why!

Fair Go For Fuel is a Tasmanian Broadcasters radio campaign that aims to become a catalyst for change where Tasmanian fuel prices are concerned, to align costs more reasonably with those on the mainland and encourage the introduction of industry regulation within our state.

We want to create a platform for discussion, for voices to be heard and to activate YOU to speak and act on the unjustifiable expense of fuel.

The facts speak for themselves and impact us all:

  • The average Australian spends $60 per week on fuel for their car
  • Tasmania has the second highest rate of motor vehicle ownership in Australia, with 809.0 vehicles per 1,000 residents, 71 per cent are passenger vehicles.
  • When measured as a proportion of gross household income, Tasmanians face the highest fuel and power costs in Australia.

So join the conversation and help us to expose price gouging by supermarket giants and enforce the expectation that petrol should not be more than 10 cents per litre higher than the national average.

We just want a “Fair Go For Fuel!