75 million dollars out of pockets into petrol stations

Millions of dollars have been directed to petrol station profitability due to the influx in fuel prices in Launceston.

"In economic terms, when we ran the mass...we came to the conclusion that 75 million dollars of money was leaving the state just encapsulated in the premium that was being charged for oil," Mr Holder claimed on Tasmania Talks with Brian Carlton today.

"Throwing that sort of money away is unacceptable," he said. 

Mr Holder also suggested the most effective solution is competitive pricing.

"Unless there is that lightning rod of competition, it just won't happen," he added.

Tasmanian Broadcasters launched a statewide radio campaign to actively put an end to fuel price gouging in Tasmania.

RACT and United Petroleum's 8 cent a litre discount initiative seemed to have had effect on pricing compared to the mainland, but there is still a way to go.

"It proves you only need one brand to actually do the job," Mr Holder said.